“The construction company Hausers has been operating in the Estonian construction market for more than 10 years. In this time, we have built more than 25 apartment buildings and more than 500 apartments and this number is growing daily. Of course, we have also built other buildings, but we like to build apartment buildings. We have the management system of ISO 9001, but in addition, we have introduced Hausers’ own management system for the construction of apartment buildings in order to provide our customers with the highest quality product. Our previous construction works can be found here

Tomy Saaron
Member of the Board of Hausers Ehitus  OÜ


Salto architectural bureau, founded in 2004, has gained recognition during its more than ten years of operation for its completed buildings both in Estonia, as well as in foreign countries, and has won a lot of different awards, including the National Cultural Award and 7 annual awards of the Cultural Endowment. Rooms with a public function (Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School building, NO99 Straw Theatre, sports hall of the Estonian Academy of Life Sciences, Viljandi Gymnasium, the outdoor areas of the Estonian Road Museum, Kosemetsa apartment buildings etc.) form most of Salto’s former creation

With such a strong team, we will create a new quality home for you!



Foundation The house will be built on a reinforced concrete slab foundation
Underground parking lot The wall of the underground parking floor will be built of monolithic reinforced concrete and access to the parking lot is via a ramp outside the building.
External walls The external walls of the ground floor are built of monolithic reinforced concrete; concrete blocks and a thermo profile frame are used starting from the second floor. The thickness of the insulation layer of the external walls is 200-250mm.
Internal walls Concrete block walls are used between the apartments. Curtain walls within the apartment are gypsum plasterboard walls on a metal frame and mineral wool is used for acoustic insulation. OSB-panels are added under gypsum plasterboard on the walls where kitchen furniture is planned in order to strengthen the walls. The walls of the humid rooms are covered with TYCO moisture resistant construction boards.
Ceilings The ceiling of the basement floor is monolithic reinforced concrete. The ceilings and the roof ceiling of the floors above the ground are made of assemblable reinforced concrete hollow panels, partly monolithic ceilings. Mineral wool is installed onto the board of the ceiling to prevent the noise from the steps and a concrete flattening layer is installed.
Roof The roof ceiling will be built of reinforced concrete hollow panels as well. The average thickness of the insulation layer of the roof is 300mm. The roof coating is a two-layer SBS coating.
Facade The external facade of the Linda House is covered with finished wooden boards. The external facade of the Kalev House is made of plaster and finished wooden boards.
Windows and balcony doors The building will be fitted with German type triple-glazed wood windows with a selective glass.
Doors The external doors of the building are made of aluminium profile. The external doors of the apartments are made of wood, lock system Assa 565 or analog will be installed. Oak veneered internal doors, wood door mouldings. The sauna has a glass door.
Stairs The external doors of the building are glass doors with an aluminium frame. The wooden external doors of the apartments are veneered. The internal doors are wood veneered (oak) flush doors.
Balconies The floor of the balconies and terraces is covered with terrace board.


Utility networks

Heating The city’s district heating network is the source of the building’s heat supply. The apartments have underfloor water heating and the temperature of each room can be individually adjusted by a thermostat.
Ventilation Each apartment has an individual heat recovery ventilation device with air-to-air heat exchanger. All rooms are ventilated.
Water and sewage The building is connected to the city’s water and sewage system. Sanitary equipment is installed according to the selected interior finishing package. Connections to a washing machine are installed. The price does not include the kitchen sink and the faucet. The apartments are equipped with remote water meters.
Rain water The rain waters from the roof are directed to the rain water sewage
Electricity The apartments’ main switches are 3x16A, the apartments have a two-tariff electricity meter, which is located in the basement, where the administrator can read them conveniently. The sockets and switches of the apartments belong to Legrand Niloé series. The apartments are fitted with hallway and bathroom lights. The room lights and their installation are not included in the price.
Low current Communications cabling (internet, phone and TV) - CAT 6 cabling is installed in the apartments. Each apartment has a video door phone system. The wiring of the security system of the apartments is installed on the ground floor.


Interior finishing

Ceilings Finished reinforced concrete ceilings. Partly (eg in bathrooms) gypsum ceilings on a metal frame are built, which are puttied and painted.
Walls The walls of the rooms are plastered, puttied, painted (colour tone according to the Buyer’s choice). Bathroom walls are covered with ceramic tiles (according to the selected interior finishing package)
Floors The floors of the rooms are covered with a 1-strip natural veneered parquet, veneer according to the selected interior finishing package. Skirting boards of the floor are MDF veneered boards of the tone of the floor. In humid areas floors are covered with ceramic tiles (according to the selected interior finishing package)
Washing rooms The floors of the bathroom, washing room and steam room are tiled; the washing room walls are tiled in full, the bathroom walls are partly tiled. The ceilings are painted.
Steam room If the apartment has a sauna, the steam room walls are insulated and covered with alder planking, glass front door. A bench will be built in the steam room and a lamp will be installed. The capacity of the electric sauna heater is chosen according to the cubic capacity of the room.

 Both buildings will be completed in the summer of 2017.

Interior finishing packages

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