Sales information

The sales process is arranged in three phases:

In order to reserve a suitable apartment, inform the sales representative of your interest. A verbal reservation is free of charge and is valid for up to 5 days. A verbal reservation is not recorded in the homepage. The reservation’s deadline can be extended according to the agreement with the seller.

At the time when the construction of the apartment building is not yet finished, a notarial sales contract under the Law of Obligations will be entered into with the client, under which 15% of the apartment price is paid.

When the apartment building is ready a notarial realty contract will be entered into, which involves the transfer of the ownership of the object, and the client must pay the remaining 85% of the price.

Both buildings will be completed in the summer of 2017.


The price of the contract includes

Interior finishing according to the interior finishing package, connections with central water and sewage and electricity.

The price of the contract does not include

Notarial fees and the state fee related to the sales contract.
Possible connections with communications or security service providers.
Storage room, parking space.


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